Passed the WSET 2 Award in Wine Exam!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

After getting my feet wet with the level 1 course in 2019, I was eager to continue my studies in wine.

Napa Valley Wine Academy

After completing the level one course through the WSET program, I knew that I had to grow in my wine education. I was hooked. Although continuing in the program was intimidating I knew that I was in good hands with the Napa Valley Wine Academy. The school was recently awarded the WSET Educator of the Year for the second time in 2019. We tasted about 30 wines over the course of two days. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn the systematic approach to tasting and the class discussions.

One thing I realized with wine is that the more you learn about wine, the more you realize that you don't know. As a Black woman I entered the classroom with some anxiety. I feared being the only person of color in the room and being analyzed as to why I was even there. In this instance I was pleasantly surprised. There were a few women of color in the class. The instructors were engaging and the students were cordial. I look forward to growing in my knowledge of wine and I'm grateful for the foundation established with the Napa Valley Wine Academy.

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