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I was nominated in the "Influencer/Content Creator Category" for the 2021 Wine and Culture Fest "Roses and Rose' Awards". 
Cheers !

"VINTNOIR was born out of enthusiasm and love for wine, especially a desire to celebrate diversity of vintners with all wine consumers. What I love about wine is that it brings people together. And in the spirit of inclusion I want to create a community sharing all things wine.

Approaching wine can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. My goal is to build confidence through knowledge of wine basics and have some fun with wine reviews. I look forward to sharing the journey of learning with you in the enjoyment of wine. Cheers!"

- Nicole, Founder of VINTNOIR

Welcome to Vintnoir.  I am a wine enthusiast and alumni of the Napa Valley Wine Academy. Blessed to be a Bay Area native and true California girl, I cannot imagine a better place to have as my foundation.  Also, it's pretty amazing having a world renowned wine region minutes within reach.

In 2018 I began to seriously consider my dream of pursuing a career in wine. Several classes and certifications later landed me here. When you find something you are excited and passionate about, you have to pursue it. I continue to study and grow in wine. 

Awards & Certifications:

  • WSET Level  2 Award in Wine, Wine & Spirit Education Trust

  • Business of Wine  Certificate

Professional Affiliations:

  • African American Association of Vintners 

  • Society of Wine Educators

  • Women of the Vine & Spirits



Wine Corks

 The best way to grow in your knowledge of wine is to drink it! Responsibly of course.